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Our Services

At Aplus (A+) Legacy Transportation, we offer door-to-door transportation to medical appointments, treatments sessions and rehabilitative therapies including: Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Inter-facility transfers, Post-surgery visits, Senior transport, Behavioral health, Routine doctors visits, Stroke & rehabilitative services, Adult day care services and more…

Ambulatory Transport

Ambulatory transport to passengers requires more assistance than offered by traditional services (bus, taxi, or limo) but does not need wheelchair facilities. We offer modern, clean, and safe passenger vehicles.

Wheelchair Transport

Wheelchair-bound transport services shall be provided to patients who require transportation while seated securely in a wheelchair.

Helping a Disabled Friend
Waiting at Bus Stop

Door-through-door Transportation

Some patients may require door-through-door transportation if they need assistance getting out of their home and into their appointment.

Curb-to-curb transportation

When patients require curb-to-curb transportation, that means they are picked up at the curb and then dropped off at the curb when they reach their destination.

Our Pricing

At Aplus (A+) Legacy Transportation safety, reliability, and affordability is very important to us. Feel free to contact us for additional information so that we may provide you with the best quote to service your transportation needsWe look forward to helping you with your transportation needs.

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We accept credit cards, debit cards, and private payments

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